It’s party time!

Whatever the occasion, no-one needs an excuse to have a party and we’re on hand to make it go with a bang! can’t wait to be a part of the big event!  We want you and your guests to have the best party experience possible!  From the moment you click into our website, we do everything we can to ensure that we provide everything that you need for your party.  Our online Party Planner tool lets you stay in full control of the preparation for your party.  And at the event itself, you can be safe in the knowledge that everything has been planned to perfection, so that you can let your hair down and enjoy the party with your guests!

We are all about the music!  Our 5-star rated party DJs will keep you and your guests entertained throughout with excellent musical choice.  We believe in avoiding unnecessary chatter on the mic – we’ll leave the one-liners to the comics!  We’ll do the usual introductions, and interaction with you and your guests, but let’s be honest, everyone would much rather listen to great music all night!

We only use industry-standard equipment to produce the highest-quality digital sound together with a stunning dynamic light show to suit both the occasion and venue.

Music + Dance = Party

It’s our whole ethos!

A great party needs two things – a great DJ, playing amazing music all night, and a great crowd that loves to dance and keep the floor busy all night!

We play the music that you love, appropriate to the event and always to the audience.

Almost all of the feedback that we get compliments us on two things – playing the right music at the right time (known to us DJs as ‘musical programming’) and our ability to read a crowd to keep the party going.  Just see what our previous clients say about us!

Whatever music you want to hear, we want to make sure we play it, and to make sure we do every party booked includes access to our online Client Portal, which allows you to create your own small Party Playlist, and even ask your guests for requests!  A playlist gives us an idea of the kind of music that you and your guests love to dance to.  We’ll use this playlist, together with our own musical knowledge, and DJing skills and experience to ensure that we drop the right tunes at the right time!

There may also be some music that you don’t want to hear, either because you don’t like the genre, or it’s just not appropriate for your event,  The Client Portal allows you to tell us about this too!

Music makes a party and so you need to hear the music you love. Whether it’s the song you always listened to growing up, the one you and your friends always sing on karaoke or that new track you’ve just heard and can’t get out of your head – we want to know about it! Our Online Planner allows you to login at any time and request all your favourite tracks in advance of the party. We’ll take all your requests and put together a personalised playlist of all the songs you love to dance to – meaning we arrive knowing exactly what you want to hear! We use this personalised playlist along with our own music knowledge, skills and experience to read the crowd and play each track at the perfect moment.

We do however, reserve the right to decide when we play these tracks, unless you request that they are played at a specific time (e.g. the end of the night).  We also reserve the right NOT to play music which based upon our knowledge and experience is deemed to be either unsuitable or inappropriate for your guests.

You can also give your guests a login to your Client Portal to allow them to make requests too.  Don’t worry though – their access is limited, and you can decide which requests stay and which don’t!

Of course, there may also be some tracks that you absolutely don’t want to hear at your party – that’s no problem. Simply add these tracks to your “Do Not Play” list on the Online Planner and we guarantee not to play them.

Although it’s great to be able to create your own small playlist in advance (we normally suggest 25 songs as a maximum), it’s our job to ensure that you and your guests hear great music ALL night.  We will happily take requests from you and your guests on the night (subject to social distancing), and will endeavour to include them in the evening’s playlist.