It’s YOUR special day – let us create the perfect wedding entertainment package. For the perfect couple. Together.

Choosing the best wedding entertainment for your special day will be one of the most important decisions that you make for your big day. And we’re here to help.

Many couples spend a long time deliberating on whether to hire a band, a singer, or a disco, or maybe even a combination, plus something else thrown in to the mix – then there’s the optional (but very popular) added extras like illuminated ‘LOVE’ letters, dance floors, photo booths and so on.

At DJ Joose Mobile Discos, we try to make the decision-making process as easy, but as well-informed as possible for you. Our wedding entertainment services offer you the chance to have you and your guests entertained all day, from pre-ceremony, right up to the end of the night, and everything in between. We can help ease the stress levels, by putting you in touch with reputable local suppliers of all everything you want to give your party the “wow” factor

Wedding Wall

Looking for a more budget-friendly alternative to a photo-booth? Want something a bit different for your wedding? We might just have the answer. Our ‘Wedding Wall’ concept is driven by the popular social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Click here to find out more details about this fabulous service.

Pre-ceremonial Music

While your guests arrive for the ceremony, it’s nice to have some music playing in the background – whether it be some lounge music, light jazz, even tropical house, whatever your preference, we can make it happen.

Ceremonial Accompaniments

To capture the mood of your special day, we can provide the musical background to your wedding ceremony – as you prepare to take your vows, and then bask in the absolute joy of just having committed your life to your soul-mate, we can help to keep the feel-good going!

During the photos

As the brand-new happy couple, indulge yourselves in capturing memories of your special day with your photographer and/or videographer, and let us keep your guests entertained with some appropriate background music

The meal and speeches

Often one of the most eagerly anticipated parts of the day – the speeches! We can provide the sound package to help everyone clearly hear all of the humour – and during the meal, again some background music to help with the ambience of the occasion.

Your first dance

Time to make another wonderful memory! We’ll welcome you into the room, as your guests surround the dancefloor. Float around the room, arm-in-arm, as you enjoy your first dance together as a married couple We can help you with your song choice, deciding when you want to invite your guests on to the floor and so on. It’s all taken care of!

Party alfresco!

As you greet your evening guests, if the weather is good, and everyone is gathering outside to bask in the evening sunshine – we can take our unique ‘pop-up party’ outside, and get the party vibe going while the sun sets.

Time to cut your wedding cake

It’s your last official act of the night – we’ll introduce you onto the floor again, as you prepare to cut your cake. As your guests capture the moment on camera, we’ll make sure that everyone is joining in to help you celebrate this special moment

The buffet

While the buffet is on, we’ll build the music up to make sure that you and your guests are ‘in the mood’ once the nibbles are finished. Now the sun has set, it’s time for everyone to let their hair down, and hit the dancefloor!

It’s party time!

With all of the formalities out of the way, you can relax and enjoy your start to married life. We’ll ramp up the volume, turn down the room lights, and give you and your guests a night you’ll never forget You can even choose your own selection of lighting effects for the evening – create a lightshow to dazzle your guests, and illuminate the happiest of days


It’s the end of the night, and you’ve had your final dance of the evening – as your guests begin to filter away, you might not be ready to leave just yet. Let’s move through to the bar, for one last drink (or two), and listen to some slightly more chilled music via our ‘pop-up DJ booth’.